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Status:  Full Time

Shift:     32 hours per week; 8:00am -4:30pm; Rotating weekends

Exempt: No 


Provide direct and indirect patient care within any clinical area under the supervision of a licensed nurse.


Other information:

Certification as a Nursing Assistant in the state of Louisiana is required   

Physical Demands:

Strength: Medium
Push: Occasionally
Pull: Occasionally
Carry: Occasionally
Lift: Occasionally
Sit: Occasionally
Stand: Frequently
Walk: Frequently


1.Displays proficiency in providing personal hygiene services, chiefly to adult and geriatric patients.Occasionally, may also provide services to adolescent or pediatric patients, or patients who are terminally ill.Adjusts methods appropriately depending on age and development of patient.Is proficient in the care and use of all equipment, which he/she has the authority and responsibility to use.

2.Before beginning patient care, verifies care to be performed by reviewing Aide Assignment Sheet.

3.Measures patient’s temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respirations each visit.Immediately notifies the Hospice Nurse or Department Director of any abnormalities.

4.Observes patient with special equipment (NG tubes, catheters, etc.), and reports any abnormalities to the Hospice nurse or Director.

5.Reports any observed or stated pain to the nurse or Director.

6.Performs or assists with complete bed bath, partial bath, tub or shower as directed.Gives shampoo as needed.Assists with dressing, undressing, and toileting, oral hygiene, hair care, nail care, applying make-up, shaving patient, cleaning dentures and eyeglasses, skin care and treatments as needed/ordered, perineal care, catheter care, and assisting patient with or performing colostomy and ileostomy care.

7.Maintains correct infection control procedures throughout provision of care.

8.Administers enemas as directed by the licensed nurse, noting results and reporting any problems to the nurse or Director.

9.Assists patients in maintaining good body alignment whether lying, sitting, standing or being transferred.Assists patients with ambulation, transfers, and exercises prescribed by the licensed nurse or therapist.Allows the to be as independent as possible according to the patient care plan.Applies comfort and safety measures as needed (side rail, pillows, etc.).

10.Collects urine, stool, and sputum specimens as directed by the licensed nurse.

11.Performs household chores that are essential to the patient's health care at home.Makes bed, changes linen, straightens room, empties bedside trash, and cleans bathroom aft use.

12.When appropriate, prepares simple, nutritious meals in accordance with the Aide Assignment Sheet.

13.Gives simple emotional and psychological support to the patient and other members of the household.

14.Contacts the Hospice office no later than 8:15 a.m. each morning for schedule confirmation.Submits Aide Progress Notes daily.Responsible for following policies and procedures related to Time Clock and maintenance of Time and Attendance Report.Maintains Travel Logs with accurate odometer readings on a daily basis.

15.Consults with and keeps nurses or the director informed of activities, needs and problems related to patient care.

16.Complies with established department and hospital policies and procedures.Follows established departmental policies and procedures for utilization of supplies and equipment in a cost effective manner.

17.Cooperates with other personnel to achieve departmental objectives and maintains good employee, interdepartmental and public relations.Represents the hospital and the department in the community and must demonstrate a professional manner in the work setting.

18.Maintains patient rights and confidentiality of patient information.

19.Attends required meetings, in-services, and educational program.Is responsible to attend a minimum of 12 hours per year (pro-rated) of offered educational programs to meet state guideline.

20.Documents the following information in a concise, legible manner:patient's vital signs, condition upon arrival, services rendered, patient's response to treatment, condition upon leaving the patient's home, and any unusual physical or emotional problems, as well as the name of the nurse to whom these problems were reported.Aide Progress Note must also include correct patient identification, documentation of supplies utilized during visit, time involved during the visit (time of arrival at patient's home and time of departure from patient's home), and the signature of the person rendering care/completing note.

21.Immediately reports any unsafe conditions or incidents to the Hospice Nurse or the Director.

22.Complies with departmental policies concerning dress code.

23.Must have and maintain a car to be used for work.Must have and maintain automobile liability insurance according with state requirements.Must have and maintain a current driver's license.Must wear seat belt at all times while driving motor vehicle.

24.Follows North Oaks Health System’s compliance programs and federal and state regulatory guidelines and submits only those charges known to be in compliance with the above-stated regulation.

25.Is responsible to submit accurate charges, which are in accordance with legal compliance as well as state and federal regulatory guidelines.

26.Performs job duties in a financially responsible manner.



This job is no longer available.

North Oaks Health System

Hammond, LA