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Title: Coordinator, Visual Media

Department: Marketing and Communications

Number of Positions: 1

Classification: 3

Position #: 101010

Type of Appointment: Full-Time

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Pay Rate: $46,690 - $57,780.00/per year. Pay will be determined based on related work experience above required. To be considered in determining pay, all related work experience must be listed on the application.

Required Documents Needed to Upload at Time of Application: Resume, transcripts and three professional references.

Reference check requirements:

• Non-supervisory roles: three (3) current or former supervisors

• Personal references (friends, clergy, customers, relatives) are not considered acceptable references)

Position Summary: The role of the visual media coordinator is to support the college's internal and external marketing efforts through the means of photography and videography, as well as coordinating all of the planning, scheduling, and writing required to produce various forms of media that will promote the college and support its brand. This position requires cataloguing and archiving media to maintain and sort the College's visual media servers.

Essential Functions:

30% Use skills and knowledge of video production and editing to initiate, conceptualize, and produce video projects to promote Pellissippi State. Projects may include advertisements, academic program videos, testimonials, updates from the President and promotions of upcoming events, as well as video shorts and skits for social media. Must be able to tell a story through video and positively support the College's image and goals. Responsible for all pre-production (pre-interviews, gathering information, transporting equipment), production (directing shoots, setting up lighting, composing shots, shooting footage, sound recording) and post-production (editing footage, designing and implementing graphics, selecting music, designing sound). Must be able to output to television and web applications.

30% Use skills and knowledge of photography to shoot still photographs to document the activities and events of the College; provide illustrative images to support news releases, ads, and publications; produce multimedia presentations as requested for use in events and speeches; provide daily photos for social media and web use; and capture the essence of the people, programs, and activities of the College. Responsible for editing photographs to make them ready for use by the college. Catalog and store all digital resources on media server in an organized fashion for archival purposes, and to make available for other college employees. Provide suggestions for media upon request. Talent scout, schedule, and communicate with subjects for photography and video shoots, and gathering bios and leads for potential stories and marketing materials.

10% Collaborates with others in the department to maintain assets and contribute to the College's social media accounts. Produces, edits, and updates content that is newsworthy, relevant and engaging on a variety of platforms.

7.5% Supervise student employees (Federal Work Study, Student Employment Program, etc.) that are placed within visual media.

7.5% Coordinate with the Marketing & Communications team and other PSCC employees to discuss goals and directives that will promote the college.

10% Monitor emails and photo and video requests and reply back in a timely and attentive manner. Approve or deny requests depending on their overall usefulness towards the college mission

5% Stay up to date with current visual media trends, maintaining an awareness of industry standards and techniques, and participate in professional development both within the media field and in college employee training seminars.

Note: The College reserves the right to change or reassign job duties, or combine positions at any time.

Key Results Areas: This position will produce high quality photos and videos on deadline while maintaining the college's reputation and upholding the college's mission. Photos and videos produced will encourage student recruitment, enrich the college experience by providing content for publications and social media, and reinforce Pellissippi State's brand by portraying the college in a positive light to the community.

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor's degree in video production, photography, communications, journalism, broadcasting or related field.
  • Three years of experience in a visual media-oriented field.
Part-time work experience is calculated at 50% credit of full-time work experience.

  • Takes initiative to get things done without being prompted
  • Ability to write stories and capture images that tell a story
  • Must have an acute attention to detail in order to make photos as eye catching and visually pleasing as possible.
  • Ability to interview others
  • Possesses knowledge of audience when completing projects
  • Ability to engage in the college's mission and values
Complexity & Creativity:

The role of the visual media coordinator not only requires a broad technical knowledge of visual media, it also requires skills in multitasking, writing experience, communication skills, reliability and good organization. This position is responsible for providing all forms of visual media for marketing purposes, and photography often provides a basis for the development of projects within the department.

This position can regularly be expected to provide photography for events, take candid shots of students and college staff, interview photography subjects for social media or publications, edit photos, upload to the server, and be available for any other requests that may occur throughout the day.

For videography, this position is responsible for making self-contained video packages that will be used in various outlets to promote the college for the purpose of student recruitment and for promotion of its brand.

When making a video package, the visual media coordinator is expected to provide a script, recruit talent, schedule shooting times, arrange locations, set up for shoots, direct talent while also filming, and then edit the footage into an effective product. The visual media coordinator will then make the video available either on social media or to vendors that will distribute the video on television or screens at venues. Audio packages are also produced in this position, for use on the radio or as sound bites in online ads.

This position is expected to provide both photography and videography, and as there are many events that require both, multitasking will be required in order to properly provide in both fields. The visual media coordinator is expected to take charge and coordinate shoots to get all elements of media that will properly capture the spirit of events, as well as day to day life at the college.

It is required that the coordinator properly adheres to the standards of guidelines of the college when creating his/her material, and established logos and graphics are to be added in as needed, so an awareness of the college's brand is strongly required.

This position is also expected to take the diverse community of the college into account when selecting photography and videography subjects. The college values diversity among its students, faculty and staff, and media produced by this position should be reflected as such with the subjects that are chosen.

Because this position is the primary supplier of assets for the College's website, print materials and social media, excellent customer service is required with internal and external audiences. The visual media coordinator will collaborate with others in the department to measure the success of marketing campaigns and monitor feedback, responding appropriately as needed.

Magnitude of Impact:

When the videos and photos are effective, they can translate into additional student enrollment, higher attendance for events, positive perception of the college and additional donor support. The position involves using visual media to assist in establishing and maintaining the College's brand, which is an integral part of the College's marketing strategy. If a problem should arise relating to this position, the department director would work to resolve it.

Responsibility for Accuracy:

This position requires a high level of accuracy, a knowledge of how to maintain equipment, awareness of the college's brand and procedures, and constant reliability pertaining to scheduling.

Errors made could include:
Adding incorrect graphical information in videos, either in the form of wrong phone numbers, names, contact info, etc.

Improperly maintaining equipment that could result in damage and replacement.

Failing to show up to events due to scheduling errors.

Failing to identify undesirable gestures, clothing, or generally unattractive items when editing photo and video
Failing to include diversity within photos and videos, which may result in a disconnect between the product and certain audience members who do not feel included.
The likelihood of errors getting caught it relatively high, although mistakes can still be made and materials can be sent to the public before they are properly identified, which makes it all the more important to have a good eye.

Financial Impact: This job is responsible for maintaining thousands of dollars' worth of video and photography equipment, and is expected to protect them from theft and damage. Carelessness or negligence can result in requiring replacement or repair of equipment.

Budgetary: While there are no direct budgetary responsibilities expected of this position, there will oftentimes be props and equipment that are required to purchase. New gear and equipment are chosen largely under the direction of the visual media coordinator, upon approval.

Judgement and Decisions: The employee makes independent decisions on a daily basis such as deciding who to interview, what questions to ask, and where to conduct the interviews. The employee later decides which quotes to use to make the piece effective. The employee decides what footage is needed and makes the necessary arrangements to get it.

Nature of Contacts:

President-Make video and/or project recommendations to the president; shoot video or photos of or for the president, solicit approvals & feedback

Vice Presidents-Make video and/or project recommendations to the vice president, solicit approvals &feedback

Deans-Make video and/or project recommendations to the dean, solicit approvals & feedback

Faculty-Make video and/or project recommendations to the faculty member, shoot video or photos of the faculty; solicit approvals & feedback

Staff-Make video and/or project recommendations to the staff member, shoot video or photos of the staff; solicit approvals & feedback

Students-Make video and/or project recommendations to students; shoot video or photos of students

Community-Conduct interviews; shoot photos or video; plan video projects

Ad production employees-Ad submission

Physical Demands:

Lifting and carrying video and camera equipment up to 50 pounds

Viewing computer screen for long periods



Walking, general moving

Viewing multiple computer screens at once

Exertion, physical strain

Sitting at a desk for long periods

Manual dexterity is essential to perform this job.


Chance of falling while using equipment.

Possible burning or electrical shock from lights.

Eye strain, back strain from equipment and computer usage.

Minor pinches, cuts from equipment.

(All are high exposure, good probability)

Full-time Employment Benefits:

• Insurance Options Health, dental, vision, life, short/long-term disability, FSA/HSA Wellness Incentive Program, if enrolled in health plan

• Educational Assistance Fee Waiver Spouse/Dependent discounts Audit/Non-Credit Reimbursement Program

• Employee Assistance Program

• Retirement options Tennessee traditional pension plan option (TCRS) 401k with $50 company match/457/403b

• Employee Discount program with over 900+companies

• 13 Paid Holidays/Year Includes paid days off the last week of December

• Sick Leave Bank

• Longevity Pay

• Many opportunities for professional development

Special Instructions to Applicants: To be considered for a position at Pellissippi State, you must create an on-line application. Your skills, abilities, qualifications, and years of experience will be evaluated using only what is recorded on your application. Work experience that is not listed on the application will not be considered towards compensation. Please note: attaching a resume does not substitute for completion of the application form. Part-time work experience is calculated at 50% of full-time experience. Please note: to scan, upload, or attach documents, a computer and scanner are available at the Hardin Valley Campus Educational Resources Center, if needed.

Pellissippi State Community College is an EEO/AA/Title VI/Title IX/Section 504/ADA employer

If you have any problems or questions please contact Human Resources at Pellissippi State Community College's Human Resource Office at 865-694-6607 or by email at .

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This job is no longer available.

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